Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cook emu?

The USDA recommends emu and ostrich be treated like beef in terms of internal cooking temperatures.  Emu and ostrich are both true red meats and are categorized as such by the USDA. Since emu and ostrich both have little fat, overcooking the meats may cause them to become dry and a bit tough.  You do not need specific emu or ostrich recipes to cook them.  Emu and ostrich are not gamey and do not require any special preparation. You can simply substitute emu and ostrich in place of beef, but just keep in mind that these meats cook quicker than beef.

  • GRILLED STEAKS/FILETS:  Chefs in culinary schools learn that grilled emu and ostrich steaks are best cooked no more than medium rare for optimal taste.  For optimal flavor and consistency, grill (or pan fry) steaks to an internal temperature of 125-130F degrees.   Then wrap in foil and let the steak rest for 5 to 10 mins to allow it to continue to cook and marinate in its own juices.  You can also cook the steaks to medium (130-140 degrees) if you prefer a more cooked steak.  For seasoning you can go simple (olive oil, salt, pepper), use a dry rub, or use a marinade—whatever you prefer.
  • ROASTS/STEWS:  Emu or ostrich roasts and stews can be slow cooked liked beef but requires less time.  Cook to preferred consistency.
  • GROUND/PATTIES:  Treat emu and ostrich ground like beef ground.  However since emu cooks faster, be careful not to overcook as it may dry out and toughen the meat.
  • STEAK STRIPS, STEAK BITES:  Emu and ostrich make wonderful steak bites or steak strips.  Cut the filets/steaks into strips or small cubes and pan fry.  Be careful not to overcook.  Serve with rice or vegetables.  Also works great for stir-fry.

NOTE:  Please feel free to call or text us at 615-943-0405 if you have any cooking questions.  We will try to respond back as soon as possible.  We also can recommend recipes that we prefer in our own kitchen.

Thank you for supporting our farm!

Amaroo Hills Family

How is emu considered a red meat?
Per the USDA, although emus are poultry, the pH of the meat is similar to beef. Therefore, they are classified as “red meat.” The texture and smell of emu is also similar to that of beef. Emu is recognized as a Heart Healthy™ alternative red meat by the American Heart Association. In a USDA funded study comparing different meats, emu ranked best in 15 of 20 essential nutrients (see nutritional chart below).
What does emu meat taste like?
Emu meat tastes similar to beef.  We’ve served emu meat to cattle farmers who’ve stated that they cannot tell the difference in taste or texture with beef.
What are the emus fed?
A proprietary feed formula which was developed to maximize the well-being of the animals. Since emus are omnivorous in the wild, they require not only grains but also additional nutrients and minerals.
How are your meats processed?
All Amaroo Hills Farm birds are processed in a USDA inspected facility. USDA regulations ensure the highest food safety standards. In addition, the processor will process only emus on the day of processing, thus reducing the risk of cross contamination. USDA regulations also ensure that the animals are processed in a humane manner. All meat cuts are vacuum sealed and frozen to ensure freshness. Similar to beef, prior to butchering, the whole bird is dry-aged to maximize flavor and tenderness.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay are accepted for online orders. Credit cards, personal checks, PayPal, and cash are accepted for on-farm purchases.
How are the meats shipped?
All Amaroo Hills Farm meats are currently shipped via UPS or FedEX. All shipments are packed in 1¾” thick Styrofoam insulated boxes. All shipments will include dry ice or gel packs to ensure meats arrive mostly frozen upon delivery.  Shipments are normally sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays.  For any special arrangements regarding shipping, please contact us.
How long does it take for packages to arrive?

Most shipments arrive 1-3 business days after the ship date.  Since meats are shipped frozen, we ship only on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure that packages do not sit over the weekends.

Is there a minimal order requirement?
Currently, there is no minimum order required.
How do I order?
On the Amaroo Hills website at or by phone at 615-943-0405.
How are shipping charges calculated?
Shipping charges are calculated by adding the cost of UPS shipping plus the packaging costs (Styrofoam box, dry ice or gel packs). There is no mark up in the cost of shipping.  To find out the cost of shipping, enter in your order and your shipping info.  The shipping calculator will then provide the cost of various shipping options.
Where are Amaroo Hills products available?


Saxapahaw General Store (Saxapahaw, NC)

Durham Co-op Market (Durham, NC)

The Green Door Gourmet (Nashville, TN)

Three Rivers Market (The Co-Op) (Knoxville, TN)

Weavers Street Market (Locations in NC: Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough)

The Butcher’s Market (Locations in NC: Cary, Raleigh)

RESTAURANTS: (past & current)

Saxapahaw General Store (Saxapahaw, NC)

String & Splinter | City Club (High Point, NC)

Dancing Bear Lodge & Appalachian Bistro (Townsend, TN)

6th and Main (North Wilkesboro, NC)

Lagniappe Brasserie (New Berlin, WI)

GW Hunters (Post Falls, ID)

Farm Table Kitchen & Bar (Wake Forest, NC)

Meridian Restaurant (Winston-Salem, NC)

Greg Norman’s Australian Grille (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Dalton Golf & Country Club (Dalton, GA)

The Looking Glass (Clarksville, TN)

The Hob-Nob Drive-In (Gate City, VA)

Banana Leaves Asian Cafe (Rockville | Bethesda, MD)

Baton Rouge Country Club (Baton Rouge, LA)

The Bottle (Huntsville, AL)

F.A.R.M. Cafe (Boone, NC)

Saddle Peak Lodge (Calabassas, CA)

The Gamekeeper (Asheville, NC)

Bernardin’s (Winston-Salem, NC & Charlotte, NC)

The Cardinal (Boone, NC)

Saskatoon (Greenville, NC)

Market 17 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

The Boundry (Nashville, TN)

Virago (Nashville, TN)

The Wooden Nickel (Hillsborough, NC)

Cafe Des Artistes (Leonardtown, MD)

Sammy’s Wild Game Grill (Houston, TX)



Where does “Amaroo Hills” come from?
Since emus are from Australia, we thought it would be nice to have an Australian reference in our farm name. “Amaroo” is an Aboriginal word which means “beautiful place.” We definitely think of our farm as a beautiful place to rear our family and to experience the joys of farming these amazing animals.
Can we visit the farm?
We welcome visitors to our farm. Please contact us 24 hrs in advance to schedule an appointment at 615-943-0405 (Ashland City, TN) or 336-736-6696 (Liberty, NC)

Nutritional Comparison of Meats

 RDI 5Venison Ostrich Emu Bison Beef Turkey Elk
Protein (gm5026.526.228.424.225.027.426.6
Fat (gm)<6548.27.14.714.816.413.28.4
% Saturated fat 3--52302544392648
Cholesterol (mg)<300988387858110278
Iron (mg)
Calories (kcal)--189175164237255235190
Copper (mg)
Sodium (mg)<2400788065677010785
Magnesium (mg)42023.922.628.719.8212423.7
Manganese (mg)--.
Phosphorus (mg)1000228224269184160196221
Potassium (mg)--364323375306312270354
Selenium (mcg)--10344435193717
Zinc (mg)
Folic Acid (mcg)4208.214915.1977.7
Vitamin B12 (mcg)
Vitamin B 6 (mg)
Thiamin (mg)
Niacin (mg)
Riboflavin (mg)

Shaded areas indicate most desired in that classification 
(gm=grams, mg=milligrams, mcg=micrograms, Kcal =kilocalories)

"Our emus are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or steroids."

-Ngon Nguyen