Amaroo Hills Update on COVID-19


During this time of uncertainty due to COVID-19, we want to communicate to all our customers and friends the following:

  • Amaroo Hills has always focused on bio-security. To enhance our bio-security during this time, we are asking that farm pickup orders be made online or by phone prior to arrival. We will then place the packages at a location that customers can easily pick up. We are also halting farm tours at this time.
  • Buying directly from our farm has added security benefits compared to shopping at grocery stores. Our products are handled minimally between processing and shipping to the customer. Unlike stores, there is not any handling by third party distributors. Our products go directly from the processor to the farm. In addition, unlike grocery stores, on-farm customers do not EVER handle the products before purchasing. Only Amaroo Hills' staff handles products before they are packed.
  • As we produce our own products, we have control over our inventory. We do not anticipate running out of products. Since we are the producer and distributor, we have control over our production and supply chain.
  • The Nguyen family and the Winslow family are committed to continuing to farm and to provide the best quality products to you. You can be certain that we will be here for you. Please keep an eye out for special deals in the coming weeks! Thanks from all of us for continuing to support our farm! Be safe and God Bless!




Ngon & Robin Nguyen

Jay & JaAnna Winslow