When do you ship?

We now offer nationwide shipping 3 days per week! We ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays each week unless otherwise specified in the "Holidays" sections below. All shipments are scheduled to be delivered within 2 business days from the shipped date. This shipping schedule ensures that no shipments sit over the weekends with the carriers. If an order were to sit over a weekend, the meat would most likely thaw completely and not be consumable. Orders MUST be placed by 11AM Eastern Time on Wednesdays to ensure same-week delivery. Most orders will be delivered Tuesday-Friday. Occasionally, some orders may be delivered on Saturday. No orders will be delivered on Sunday or Monday. 


Shipments may be delayed due to inclement weather conditions.  When weather may impact the timely delivery of packages, Amaroo Hills may hold the order until conditions improve. 


We will NOT ship on the following holidays:
  • Martin Luther King, Jr Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • 4th of July Week
  • Thanksgiving Week
  • Christmas Week
  • New Year's Day 

How are orders packaged for shipment?

All products are packed in 1 ¾ inch thick styrofoam insulated boxes which are placed inside corrugated cardboard boxes with at least 5 lbs of dry ice or an ample supply of gel packs to keep your products as cold as possible during transit.

Will my order arrive frozen?

All meat is shipped frozen, but may not arrive completely frozen solid. We guarantee that every order will arrive chilled (40 degrees Fahrenheit at the warmest). If your meat order is cold to the touch, it should be safe to consume and even to refreeze (see USDA guidance). However, if your products are at room temperature or warm to the touch upon arrival, please contact us immediately.

Can I pick up my order on the farm?

Local customers are welcome to place an order online and then make an appointment to pick up the order at one of our farms. See more info about farm pickups HERE

Where do you ship?  

We ship to all 50 states within the U.S. We cannot ship to PO boxes because neither UPS nor FedEx will deliver packages to PO Box addresses. Please make sure that your address is entered correctly before finalizing your order. Amaroo Hills is not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses.

Which carriers do you use?

We use UPS Ground if your package can arrive within a 2 day delivery window.  If your location cannot be delivered via UPS Ground within 2 days, we will default to using FedEX 2Day Express.  This ensures that all packages will arrive within 1-2 days from the ship datet.  We use USPS for products that do not require coolant (emu oil, emu eggshells, ostrich eggshells). 



How are shipping charges calculated?


On orders eligible for UPS Ground shipping (ONLY locations 2 ground transit days or less from our NC Farm), the shipping charges are calculated as follows:

Order Value (UPS Ground Network)

Flat Rate

Less than $150 $30
Between $150 and $250 $25
$250 or greater $20


On orders eligible for FedEx 2DAY shipping (ONLY locations 3 ground transit days or more from our NC Farm), the shipping charges are calculated as follows:

Order Value (FedEx 2Day Network)

Flat Rate

Less than $150 $40
Between $150 and $250 $35
$250 or greater




All Emu Oil, Emu Eggshells, and Ostrich Eggshells ship for free. All Eggshells and Emu Oil will ship separately from any meats that are purchased on a given order.  

What should I do if there is a problem with or damage to my shipment?

Please contact us immediately if there is any kind of damage to your shipment or if there appears to be something wrong with your products. Please read our Satisfaction Guarantee for specific details regarding refunds and replacements. 

How should I unpack my order?

If your order is packed with dry ice, use gloves or an oven mitt to carefully dispose of any remaining dry ice before removing the products from the package. BE CAREFUL. Dry ice can burn your skin. If your order is packed with gel packs, remove them and save them for future use if possible. As you unpack your products, please notify us immediately if there are any damages to or issues with your products (see our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee).