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Perfect healthy red meat alternative to ground beef. Made with 100% lean emu meat.  Great for dishes requiring ground beef which do not require fat for moisture (chili, tacos, Sloppy Joes).  Lower fat than ground turkey but with a rich "beefy" flavor.

Due to processing delays and higher order volumes, we are asking that customers purchase no more than 10 packages of Emu Ground per order at this time. Thank you for understanding, and please let us know if you have any questions. 


Amaroo Hills Emu Ground Nutrition Facts


Emu Ground 100g (%DV) Grass-Fed Ground Beef 100g (%DV)
Iron 22% 11%
Vitamin B6 32% 18%
Vitamin B12 113%
Thiamin 18%
Riboflavin 27%
Niacin 37%


Source: USDA FoodData Central

Emu Ground - 100% Emu Meat (1.0 lb)

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