Browse our expanding selection of fully-cooked, ready-to-eat products. We always use all-natural, high-quality emu and duck meats. All of these fully-cooked products are alpha-gal safe. Emu Pastrami and Smoked Duck Breasts can be consumed cold or hot and are perfect for sandwiches or charcuterie boards. The Duck Bacon has an irresistible sweet and smoky flavor. It crisps very nicely, pairs very well with emu burgers, and makes great BLT's. Try using Duck Bacon Ends instead of ham hocks with green beans or pinto beans. The Duck Bacon Ends are also perfect for bacon burnt ends. The Duck Ham Tenderloin is a fantastic replacement for petite country pork hams. It can be served hot or cold. The Smoked Half Chicken has an incredible smokey flavor and is perfect for sandwiches or chicken salad. Finally, our Emu Jerky is the only whole-muscle emu jerky available on the market. It comes in 4 delicious flavors and is gluten-free.
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