Emu drum steaks made from the leg drum.  Perfect for steaks on the grill, kebabs, stews, and fajita strips.  Larger thick cuts are ideal for a roast.  Works great with marinades.  No silver skin and the muscle has consistent tenderness throughout.  Leanest cut.  Cut-with-fork tenderness when cooked as a roast in crockpot. 


  • For optimal flavor and consistency, grill (or pan fry) the Drum Steak to an internal temperature of 125-130F degrees.
  • Then wrap in foil and let the filet rest for 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow it to continue to cook and marinate in its own juices.
  • You can also cook the Drum Steak to medium (130-140F degrees) if you prefer.
  • For seasoning, you can go simple (olive oil, salt, pepper), use a dry rub, or use a marinade—whatever you prefer.

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Nutritional Info (Source: USDA)

Emu Drum Steak

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